1. AVENTÚRATE SIERRA DE LAS NIEVES, is an active tourism company dedicated to carrying out adventure activities. Our activities are considered risk activities. They are carried out in a natural environment (mountains, rivers, swamps …) in which there are risks inherent to their own nature, force majeure, fortuitous accidents that are beyond human control. When contracting our activities, the client knows and assumes said risk by accepting to participate in the activity and thus exempting AVENTÚRATE SIERRA DE LAS NIEVES. of all responsibility in these cases.

2. The client declares that he knows how to swim for water activities, not being under the influence of alcohol, drugs and / or narcotics, as well as any other medication that may compromise his stability, reflexes, or in any way affect his ability.

3. The client does not suffer from cardiovascular diseases, nor is he in a state of pregnancy, nor does he suffer from any other injury that prevents him from carrying out the activity without risk to his health; and if you have any doubts, you have consulted a doctor.

4. In the case of wearing prostheses, glasses or contact lenses, the client assumes the risk of damage to them that the normal activity that he is going to develop may cause.

5. The client agrees to accept the guide’s decisions and follow his instructions at all times to guarantee the safety and fluidity of the activity.

6. If the client does not meet the necessary physical and technical conditions or does not bring the required material, they can be denied participation in the activity, modify or delay the schedule.

7. Payment: at the time of booking, as confirmation of the activity (s), the client must pay 50% of the total amount. The rest can be paid days before or pay directly to the monitor on the day of the activity.

8. The activities that AVENTÚRATE SIERRA DE LAS NIEVES carries out are conditioned by the natural environment in which they are carried out (weather, changes in river flow, etc.), so the company may cancel the activity, even at the start of the the activity if the weather conditions are not suitable for it. If the cancellation occurs on the same day of the activity, the client may choose to change the date of the activity or to return 75% of the total amount.

9. The activities are subject to a minimum number of people to carry them out. ADVENTURE SIERRA DE LAS NIEVES. You can cancel an activity if the minimum required is not reached, giving the customer the option of changing it for another or reimbursing the full amount paid.

10. In case of cancellation of the activity (s) by the client, the amount paid will be refunded less the management and organization expenses, which will be the following: 40% if the cancellation occurs in the previous 36 hours upon completion of the activity and 15% if the cancellation is made earlier. In case of canceling the activity with less than 36 hours in advance, the client will lose 100% of the amount of the activity.

11. The non-presentation to the activity implies the complete loss of the money.

12. In the event of any conflict that should be resolved in the courts, both parties will submit to the jurisprudence of the courts of the city of Malaga.

13. AVENTURATE SIERRA DE LAS NIEVES. You have contracted a CR policy and assistance and accident insurance that covers all clients who hire our services. In the case of groups from travel agencies or third parties, assistance insurance is optional and if they wish to contract it it is necessary to notify it in writing and send a list of participants with personal data.

14. Transfers to the starting point of the activity are at the customer’s expense. In the event that, exceptionally, a client does not have a vehicle and the company provides this service traveling with the guide, it will do so under their responsibility and will not be covered by the aforementioned assistance insurance

15. Minors must always be accompanied by an adult, legal guardian, teacher or monitor who takes charge of them. Failing that, the legal guardian must sign an express authorization, in addition to this contract.

16. AVENTURATE SIERRA DE LAS NIEVES. You may use the image of clients in advertising brochures, photo albums … for advertising purposes.

17. Any activity subcontracted by AVENTÚRATE SIERRA DE LAS NIEVES. to another company (horse riding, paragliding, … etc.) will be the responsibility of the latter any incident during the same.

18. In the case of a group that comes together, a table of signatures that endorse this contract will be collected.

In all activities or services contracted with Aventurate Sierra de las Nieves, the same policy of contracting and payment of activities applies.

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